Newsletter: Yemen Solidarity Conference launched in Amman

Representatives of the IFJ, the Yemeni journalists Syndicate (YJS), the Federation of Arab Journalists (FAJ), UNDP and 25 leading Yemeni journalists discussed the safety crises facing Yemen media and factions in the journalists’ community on 23-25 February in Amman.

Yemeni journalists still able to work in the country face great daily risks and challenges including targeted attacks a lack of safety training and inadequate protective equipment. Meanwhile, strident and hostile editorial lines forced upon them put journalists at risk of alienating rival armed groups making them a greater target.

The lack of solidarity within the journalists’ community, its severe polarisation and even incitement between and against colleagues all contribute to the threatening security environment for journalists in the country.

The IFJ, YJS, FAJ and UNDP conference aimed to rebuild solidarity and co-operation that have been crushed under the weight of two years of internal strife and the explosion of the armed conflict in 2015. The conference adopted a national safety plan for media and agreed on a code of conduct to fight incitement and hate speech in the media.

The conference was hosted by the Jordanian Press Association, an IFJ affiliate.

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