Newsletter: Ukraine / Russian Dialogue protecting journalists in conflict

The Ukraine and Russian journalists unions met under the mandate of OSCE special rapporteur for media freedom Dunja Mijatovic on 11-12 February in Vienna.  

Since April 2014 the OSCE has been hosting the meetings with the unions and leading journalist figures from the two countries to discuss the challenges and obstacles to reporting the conflict in East Ukraine.  

The process has seen a number of joint actions in support of journalists in a unique example of co-operation that our members can be rightly proud of. A summary of the conflict, and how our members have responded to it can be found in the Safety and solidarity for journalists in Ukraine 2014 available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.  

The February meeting was followed by a conference on media propaganda and disinformation campaigns that have become a significant feature of the conflict and the ongoing tensions in the broader OSCE region. How to raise the voice of independent quality journalism amid the cacophony of determined propagandists has become a major challenge for our members.   

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