Newsletter: FECOLPER negotiates media reform under Colombian Peace Process

The Federation of Colombian Journalists (FECOLPER) is negotiating with the government a compensation package for journalist victims of the conflict with the FARC.

The organisation marked eight years of work at its annual meeting in Bogota on 5-6 December. The main focus of debates was the compensation package being negotiated with the government for journalist victims of the conflict that forms part of the FARC peace process. Negotiations will lead to a media reform programme to guarantee a free, safe and democratic media as ‘compensation’ for the years of tyranny and hardship journalists have suffered across the country.

“Journalists have suffered terribly during the conflict as they have been targeted and murdered by guerrillas and paramilitaries. 144 journalists have been killed since 1980. Our members demand that the government takes the opportunity of the Peace Process to put in place guarantees for a safe, independent and pluralistic media essential for building a lasting peace,” said Adriana Hurtado, FECOLPER President.

As a further warning FECOLPER issued its annual press freedom report in February that recorded a 23% rise in incidents against journalists during 2015.