Newsletter: Editorial

For the 25th consecutive year, at the end of December, the IFJ will publish its list of journalists who have been killed in the year (the Killed List).

These journalists were assassinated because they were accomplishing their mission to inform. For the 25th time, we shall sadly observe that these figures remain high, even if they are slightly lower compared with previous years. As I am writing these lines, we can (already) report the deaths of 99 journalists, including a young mother aged 27 recently in Somalia. Some 135 died in 2014 and 123 in 2013.

This report and analysis is the fruit of the collective work of IFJ employees of course, including in its regional offices, but also the activists in each of our five regions worldwide. This study therefore deserves to be read, made known and shared. These journalists lost their lives. Let us keep their memory intact.


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