Newsletter: Editorial

For a delegate, an IFJ congress is a highly historical moment where people meet for a week, debate and decide on working policies for the next 3 years. What remains from this type of event 10, 20 or 40 years later? Not much, to be honest, because as in journalism, one information replaces another.  

To mark its 90 years of existence, the IFJ came back to France, to the city of Angers. This anniversary in itself will remain in our memories. However, one of the most historical moments of our 2016 Congress was without doubt the reunification of 2 world organisations of journalists - the IFJ and the International Organisation of Journalists (IOJ) - that had competed with one another both on a union and political level since the end of World War II. Of course this important reconciliation won’t solve all the problems the world’s journalists are facing, but such symbols are an important part of our global movement. Let’s not forget them.

Anthony Bellanger

IFJ General Secretary