Newsletter - Editorial

Where are women? * Celebrating International Women’s Day, marked on 8 March, may seem useless: do women really need a special day in the year? Of course, within the IFJ, our mission is to remind people that gender equality remains elusive around the world. And yet, we do know that women play a crucial role in news rooms and within the trade union fight.

Today, more and more women are leaders of our affiliate organisations, something we want to see continue. In order to do so, men need to provide space for women and work with them on identifying their place in the workplace and in journalists’ organisations. As trade unionists, it is our duty to promote equal opportunities and working conditions for all media workers. It is time to think about the place women deserve in our organisations and in leadership positions. The date of 8 March serves as a reminder of this.

* In 1977, Swiss singer Patrick Juvet released a song called “Où sont les femmes ?”

Anthony Bellanger

IFJ General Secretary