MediaSind Publishes Report on Press Freedom in Romania in 2007

US MediaSind made public today, december 3,2007, the Country Report regarding press freedom and independence in Romania.


The present report can be considered an addition to the actions of november 5, organized on an international level by European Federation of Journalists, under the slogan Stand up for Journalism”, actions which purpose is the change and modernization of mass-media in 30 countries of Europe. US MediaSind took part at this event in order to make a warning about the danger of a credibility crisis in romanian press, because of the unfortunate relation between mass-media and autochtonous political class.

In this report, US MediaSind is drawing attention upon the lack of a real reform in romanian press, the lack of economical conditions for practicing a quality journalism, the lack of owners’observance of journalists’ rights, obtained through the Collective Labour Agreement at Mass-Media level, the increasing attacks on mass-media, the refusal to depoliticize the two boards of directors of Romanian Radio Society and TVR, and also, the lack of a national strategy for mass-media. As well, in the report are included the concerns of moldavian journalists, members of Journalists’ Union of Moldova, an affiliate organization of US MediaSind.

An important moment in 2007 was the signing of the Additional Act of Collective Labour Agreement at mass-media level for 2007-2008, a document that brings other new rights for journalists.

Full right member of International Federation of Journalists, MediaSind Trade Union issues annual reports for press domain. The reports and conclusions of US MediaSind are presented in the global report of IFJ, to the European Union Institutions, being in their turn informative and estimative sources by the european forums of the democratic level of press in Romania, the level of observance the freedom of expression and all other aspects of mass-media interest.

As a very recent notice, we add the protests of US MediaSind against the attempts of the Government to modify the Law 139/1996 republished, regarding collective labour agreements, for hindering the negotiations for the employees from the budgetary area on the rights of basic wages, bonuses, compensations, awards, and other personnel rights. For this purpose, US MediaSind was aquainted with the starting of the national conflicts of interest by national trade unions confederations- CNSLR Fratia, CSDR, BNS, Meridian and Cartel Alfa and shall participate at protest actions that are about to be organized in the following days.

Cristi Godinac

President US MediaSind

The complete version of the report is also to be found on