Journalists' authors' rights fiercely debated at the SNJ Congress

The French government intends to implement the European Copyright Directive in a way completely detrimental to journalists and authors in general. The IFJ/EFJ and all its French affiliates are carrying on actions to modify the French government's policy.

The French Syndicat National des Journalistes (SNJ) held its annual Congress on 14-15-16th November 2002. The issue of assignment of journalists' rights to their employer was on the top of the agenda and the SNJ has fundamentally denounced the proposal from the French governmental mission led by Hadas-Lebel to amend authors' rights law by introducing a complete assignment of authors' rights to their employer.

The SNJ denounced the attitude of French editors, who are trying to use the Hadas-Lebel mission to impose their own views. It called all its branches and members to fight against this proposal by any means, including judicial actions.

During its Congress, the SNJ recalled the campaign currently led by French journalists trade unions, photographers and collective societies for authors and creators against the move undertaken by the French government. The SNJ calls its partners to urgently organise meetings for employed creators to best face attempts to dismantle fundamental intellectual property principles.

Further information: Pamela Morinière