IFJ Voice October 2018- A word from our president

Final stretch

Final stretch

Time flies faster that one can imagine: our energies are already focused on the next IFJ congress in Tunis, June 2019 – the first to be held on the African continent and in the Arab world.

However, we still have to fight on the core issues that affect our members every day. At the end of October, in the United Nations building in New York, the IFJ will present its proposal for a Convention on journalists' protection and safety. Here too, the deadline is close. This is the first stage in winning the support of the UN member states to adopt the ground-breaking Convention in future. If this text is voted for by the UN general assembly, it will be a major step in the struggle to enhance media professionals' safety. It will also become a major tool against the outrageous impunity that too many journalists' killers enjoy! It deserves all our efforts!

Philippe Leruth

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