IFJ Urges Indian Government to Let Kashmir Journalists Speak

As Jammu and Kashmir state in India enters another day of curfew,

the International Federation of

Journalists (IFJ) appeals to the authorities to let local journalists speak.


“The IFJ

is disturbed by the shutdown of newspapers and news channels in Kashmir following the complete lockdown in the region, after

the Indian army was deployed on July 7 to control month-long civil disturbances,”

IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline

Park said.



Kashmir Press Guild – a platform of the most senior journalists in the region –

has issued a statement deprecating a situation in which local journalists are confined

to their homes by an unrelenting curfew, while media personnel flying in from

the national capital of Delhi

are afforded armed protection and allowed considerable freedom of movement.


“The story

of the ongoing troubles in Kashmir needs to be

told,” Park said. “But it also should be told by journalists based in Kashmir.”



appeals to the state government of Jammu

and Kashmir and the Indian national government to reconsider

their decision to deny passage through curfew-bound areas to even accredited

journalists holding press passes issued by the appropriate authorities.


For further

information contact IFJ Asia-Pacific

on +612 9333 0919



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