IFJ Tolerance Prize 2004: Serge Alain Godong and Christophe Nkurunziza winners for Western and Central Africa

The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize giving ceremony for Central and West Africa took place on July 22, 2004 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

For Print media

- Serge Alain GODONG from the Cameroonian daily Mutations was awarded the prize for his article Aids patients die more from exclusion than from the disease itself published in Mutations on 22nd July 2003.

-Bethuel KASAMWA-TUSEKO (DR Congo) for Football to reconcile Congolese and Rwandans published in Le devoir on 1st April, 2003; and

-Oyeyemi OYEDEJI (Nigeria) for Stigmatization / Discrimination against PLWAH/A: Taking the bull by the horns published in The Comet on 21st October 2003,

received the congratulations of the jury.

For Radio/Television category

- Christophe NKURUNZIZA (Burundi) was awarded the prize for his report Solidarity between Sanzu and Gasanda broadcast on Radio Isanganiro in January, 2003

- Nwuke BOMA (Nigeria) for Niger Delta: a discourse on extreme human deprivation broadcast on Radio Rivers Port Harcourt on 19th August 2003; and

-Oumar NINGUE (Senegal) for Religious Tolerance: an example from Senegal, broadcast on Radio Walf Fadjri on 31st August 2003,

received “Special Mention” of encouragement of the jury

Due to the limited number of entries for the radio and television categories, the jury considered the entries as one category radio/television.

The ceremony was preceded by a round table in presence of the Minister of Press and Information of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Journalists from Central and West Africa attended the round table to discuss the challenges posed by the acquisition of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on the occasion of the African Media Festival (FESTIAM).

The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize is worth 1000 Euros and is meant to promote tolerance and to combat racism and discrimination. It is open to journalists in each of the five regions of the world. The Prize is supported by the European Commission and was launched for the first time by the IFJ Secretary General, Aidan White, in Senegal on 11 September, 2002.

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