IFJ Requests Immediate Release of Afghani Journalist

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is outraged at the ongoing appalling treatment of journalists in Afghanistan, and has insisted on the prompt discharge of journalist Asif Nang, who is currently being held by security officials.

According to IFJ affiliate the Afghan Independent Journalist Association (AIJA), Nang is the chief editor for Aman Magazine (Peace Magazine) and has been detained since June 28.

The Afghan president was reportedly angered by an article Nang had written titled “Afghanistan as a football between the large oil companies”, and ordered his arrest.

“To hold Nang in detainment without charge is a clear violation of his basic human rights,” IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said.

“This is a disappointing move by the Afghan president to suppress information, which will do nothing to dispel the climate of fear and intimidation rampant in the Afghan media community,” Park said.

Nang, who was accused of spying without the proper credentials, is currently being held as a suspect without charge, according to IFJ sources.

The IFJ urges the Afghan president and government to release Nang without delay, and hopes this breach of human rights will be contested so that media freedom can be quickly restored into the country’s system.

“Nang must be exonerated from this unjust form of punishment as this completely baseless arrest has proved, once again, that free media in Afghanistan is under severe strain,” Park said.

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