IFJ Partners with WageIndicator to Campaign for Decent Pay to Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is

partnering with WageIndicator,

a global wage survey that has measured wages of over 1,500 different

occupations and 400 industries in over 48 countries around the world to date,

to campaign for decent pay for journalists.

"Too many journalists face wage discrimination in the

workplace," said Aidan White, IFJ

General Secretary. "Wages of women and young journalists are particularly at

stake. Unions need to take action so that journalists' salaries are, for the

first time, assessed on a global scale."

In a letter addressed to its affiliates on 5th July, the IFJ called on all its members to participate in the global wage

survey to help national campaigns to raise awareness among journalists of their

rights to decent pay for their work and decent working conditions.

"By taking part in this initiative, journalists will

be able to enhance decent pay for their work by carrying out a salary check.

They can compare their current salaries with those of their peers, or those in

other occupations in the global labour market," explained White.

The global wage survey will measure, in particular,

journalists' average salary based on experience, salaries of young journalists

entering the profession and the gender pay gap in the profession. The analysed

data will be published in different languages and made accessible online. The

findings will serve as a wage indicator for journalists around the world.

"Journalists can also take a ‘decent work check' to

assess whether their working conditions are decent, based on international

standards and in accordance with the national law of the countries where they

work," added White.

"At a time when many journalists face salary cuts and

deteriorating working conditions, such information is particularly helpful in

salary and benefit negotiations," stressed White. "By making such information

available to the public, journalists are making the profession more transparent

and accountable."

The IFJ encourages its affiliates and journalists to

participate in the survey and make use of this information for effective

collective bargaining and promoting public trust in journalism. 

To join the survey, please visit

your country's website on WageIndicator:


South Africa - Mywage.co.za
Southern Africa - Mywage.org
Southern Africa - Meusalario.org
Argentina - Elsalario.com.ar
Brasil - Meusalario.org.br
Chile - Tusalario.org/Chile
Colombia - Tusalario.org/Colombia
More Latin America: Tusalario.org
Mexico - Misalario.org
USA - Paywizard.org
Azerbaijan - Qazancim.az
China - WageIndicator.cn
India - Paycheck.in
Indonesia - Gajimu.com
Kazakhstan - Mojazarplata.kz
Korea  -  WageCheck.co.kr

     Belarus - Mojazarplata.by
     Belgium - Votresalaire.be/Loonwijzer.be
     Czech republic Mujplat.cz
     Denmark - Lontjek.dk
     Finland - Palkkalaskuri.fi
     France - Votresalaire.fr
     Germany - Lohnspiegel.de
     Hungary - Berbarometer.hu
     Italy - Iltuosalario.it
     Netherlands - Loonwijzer.nl
     Poland - Twojezarobki.pl
     Russia - Mojazarplata.ru
     Slovakia - Mojplat.sk
     Spain - Tusalario.es
     Sweden - se.wageindicator.org
     UK - Paywizard.co.uk
     Ukrain - Mojazarplata.com.ua
     Russian - Mojazarplata.com

For more information regarding the survey, please contact

Pamela Moriniere: +32 2 235 22 16.


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