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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned. 

Read some of the news highlights from Friday 7th July to Friday 14h July:

1. Journalist receives death threats after exposing the creator of Trump’s video: He has launched a war against media which can derive to such extremist attitudes. By Kristina Markalaus, Fairpress.eu

2. heightIFJ stresses fundamental right to form journalists’ union in Qatar. Bahrain News Agency

3. heightPalestinian journalists union holds sit-in demanding Hamas release 2 reporters. Ma'an News Agency

4. heightInternational Federation of Journalists laments murder of Iraqi journalists in Mosul By Karzan Sulaivany, Kurdistan 24.

5.height La dura carta de la FIP a Peña Nieto por la violencia contra periodistas. El Diario de Coahuila

6. heightWatch: IFJ President Philippe Leruth talking to Al Jazeera about the antisemitisation accusation the Network has been accused of by a UAE minister (Arabic). Al Jazeera

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