IFJ Holds Discussions with Somali Affiliate at World Congress in Athens

<center>Report on IFJ and SOJON meeting in Athens, Greece</center>

As the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is holding its 25th World Congress in Athens, The IFJ held discussions with its affiliate from Somalia, the Somali Journalists Network (SOJON) about the current situation of SOJON.

AFTER having talked about the internal issues of Somali Journalists Network and checked the available information on the ground,

ACCEPTING the need for further investigation regarding the formal allegations by former SOJON Director General,

RECOGNIZING the need for media fraternity in Somalia,

ADMITTING the problems facing Somali journalists during their professional work,

The International Federation of Journalists and Somali Journalists Network,


1. To reestablish proper channels of communication between SOJON and IFJ, particularly regarding the Emails identification.

2. To send an IFJ monitoring and needs assessment mission to Mogadishu.

3. To organize jointly further support to media fraternity in Somalia in collaboration with other press freedom organizations, sharing the Objectives of SOJON and IFJ.

4. To hold an open and democratic SOJON election for the New Director General in August 2004 with participation of all members and external observers.


1. Bertrand Ginet, IFJ Project Officer for Africa

2. Omar Faruk Osman, SOJON Secretary General