IFJ Condemns "Vicious " Attack on Television Station in Greece


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its European group, the

European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today condemned the attack on Alter TV, a private television station

in Athens, Greece, on Tuesday afternoon by

armed men who used force to gain entry into the station to cause disruption and

threaten staff.


condemn this vicious attack on press freedom", said Aidan

White, IFJ General Secretary. "Media in Greece need protection

and must work together to combat these threats to free expression and



to reports, a group of four armed men forced their way into the Alter TV's offices shortly before the

main news broadcast. They fired shots and exploded devices but no one was

injured. They were all believed to be members of Sekta Epanastaton, an

extremist group in Greece.


Journalists' Union of the Athens Daily

Newspapers (JUADN), a local IFJ affiliate, said there had been an escalating

violence and attacks against journalists and media workers in the city from



IFJ supports JUADN's call for a firm response to

these threats to media in Greece.

"Media must not give in to threats" added White. "We fully support of colleague

in their efforts to resist intolerance and intimidation." 

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