IFJ Condemns Relentless Harassment of Al Jazeera Journalist in Tunis

The International Federation of Journalists today condemned the relentless harassment of Al Jazeera correspondent Lotfi Hajji who has been physically intimidated on five occasions in the past week.

“Lotfi Hajji has been singled out by the authorities determined to bully and intimidate him for his journalism,” said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. “It is unacceptable treatment and must cease immediately.”

Hajji has been denied access to report on the hunger strikes taking place in the offices of the Progressive Democratic Party following the decision to close the party. The latest incident occurred yesterday, 2nd October. Hajji explained to IFJ representatives that plainclothes officers insulted and threatened him as they physically removed him from the building.

Lotfi Hajji has been refused a press card and prevented from establishing an Al Jazeera office in Tunisia. He is also the President of the Syndicat des Journalistes Tunisiens (SJT) affiliated to the IFJ. The SJT has been waiting for almost a year for authorisation to hold its congress within the UGTT, the Tunisian National Trade Union Centre.

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