IFJ condemns assaults against two journalists in Kenya

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

today has strongly condemned the assaults against two media workers in Kenya. According

to local media and independent sources, Dennis Okeyo, photographer from Nation

Media Group, and John Otanga, cameraman from channel NTV were targeted by

security officers on Sunday 21 January during the course of their professional

duties. They were covering riots in the district of Karanja in Kibera at the

outskirts of Nairobi the capital city.


"We call on authorities to investigate the case

and bring the perpetrators to book. Journalists should be able to conduct their

professional duties without risking reprisals from security forces. We also

call on journalists to remain steadfast in the run-up to the general elections

by providing independent and informed reporting," said Gabriel Baglo, IFJ

Africa Director.


Independent sources reported that on the night of

Sunday 21 January, Dennis Okeyo and John Otanga were covering the riots in

Karanja where youths were protesting against the candidacy for the

parliamentary election of local political leaders. Upon their arrival the

police was already ordering people to raise their hands in the air. Despite

their attempt to follow police orders by showing their press cards, they were

beaten, their electronic equipment confiscated and an amount of money taken

from Okeyo. They were both taken to hospital for medical treatment.


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