IFJ Calls for Unity and Condemns Somali Attacks on Journalism Community


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called for a united front

among Somali journalists - both inside the country and in exile - in the fight

for justice, democracy and press freedom.


IFJ does so while confirming its full solidarity and support for the National

Union of Somali Journalists, the legitimate and representative organ and voice

of journalists in Somalia.


IFJ is seriously concerned at recent exchanges between different groups

claiming to represent and speak for Somali journalists, some of whom have

political links.


to discredit NUSOJ, its leadership and some media houses have no other impact

but to assist and encourage the enemies of press freedom and independent

journalism in the region. The use of intemperate language and character

assassination discredits journalism and what we stand for," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary.


IFJ is concerned that some of those engaged in these activities are not

recognised media professionals. "Media professionals in Somalia have

shown great courage and commitment. It is imperative that a new mood of

co-operation and unity around the established media community is created," said



IFJ says it will investigate attempts that have been made to destabilise the

unity of Somali journalists.


IFJ will always stand by those who fight for ethical standards and media

independence, who show solidarity with journalists in need and who are

committed to resolving problems through the democracy provided by the National

Union of Somali Journalists," said White.

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