IFJ Alarmed at Targeting of Media in Jammu and Kashmir

The International Federation of Journalists is alarmed to learn of

journalists and media organisations being targeted in the recent civil

disturbances in the Indian state of Jammu

and Kashmir.


According to reports received from sources in the state capital of Srinagar, police personnel on August 9 seized all copies

of an Urdu-language daily, Etalaat,

for allegedly carrying the report of a village being razed by a mob in the Jammu region of the



Reports have also been received that the staff of the English-language daily,

Rising Kashmir, were warned by state

authorities not to carry certain kinds of reports and that the Jammu offices of another

English-language daily, Greater Kashmir,

were attacked by mobs.


The IFJ has learnt with great concern that one of the best-known

journalists from Kashmir has had to travel through the Jammu region using a false identity card, for

fear of being attacked on grounds of his religious identity.


The IFJ endorses the call issued after a conclave of Srinagar’s

most senior journalists on August 9, that the state authorities should adopt a

policy of complete transparency with the media and the general public in

Kashmir, about recent events of violence and lawlessness in the Jammu region.


“We call upon the state government not to intrude into the domain of

press freedom and to ensure adequate protection for journalists and media

offices in Jammu and Kashmir,”

said the IFJ Asia Pacific.


“We are particularly anxious to see that journalists’ freedom of movement,

safety, and ability to report on important news stories are not abridged in any



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