Greece: 24 Hours Strike in Media

Greece's journalists and

media workers are holding a 24-hour nationwide strike declared by their trade

unions in protest against the abolition of

collective labor agreements, the violation of labor and pension insurance

rights, and massive layoffs.

The country's journalists'

unions, along

with other unions representing media workers under the auspices of the

Panhellenic Federation of Journalists Unions (POESY), are demanding the signing of

collective agreements and the safeguarding of media jobs.

The Journalists' Union of

Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers (ESIEMTH) underlined that the mass

layoffs that have already taken place - or are being threatened to take place -

in the region of Northern Greece are not merely affecting the sector, but they

also constitute an assault against  the

public good known as information.

The warning strike, held by both the print and broadcast media, started on Tuesday,

November 30 at 6 am and will end on Wednesday, December 1, at 6 am.



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