Gender workshop highlights best practices in unions

A group of gender experts, including the IFJ gender officer, Pamela Moriniere, was invited by the European Institute on Gender Equality (EIGE) in a workshop finding the best practices on gender equality in workplace and unions.


The workshop highlighted a positive finding that women make up 35% of the decision-making positions. Women are more likely to be recruited in senior position in public service broadcasters.


Before the workshop, the EIGE has interviewed over 160 organisations (including some EFJ affiliates) and selected over 100 examples of good practices. The organisers selected 20 best practices for participants to evaluate, including those developed by the Belgian Association of Journalists (AJP), the Spanish Federation of Journalists (FAPE), and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the UK and Ireland. Moriniere shared the best practices on gender equality developed by journalists' unions and distributed the IFJ/EFJ gender equality handbook on journalists' unions best practices.


EIGE's search for good practices continues. The current list of selected examples could expand if interesting initiative come up. The workshop will be followed by a two-day online discussion about best practices. A final report on this activity will be issued by the Irish Presidency of the European Union, which put gender and media at the top of its presidency's agenda.


EIGE is developing an index on gender equality in the European union to be launched on 18th June in Brussels.