French Unions Meet in Parliament on Employees’ Creation

In the implementation process of the EU copyright Directive – for which the initial deadline was 22 December 2002- EFJ French unions fear France could allow for the introduction of provisions challenging journalists’ authors’ rights.

On May 20, the French EFJ unions (SNJ, CGT, CFDT, FO) held their first meeting on employees’ creations within the French Parliament. The event - which was opened by EFJ General Secretary Aidan White- represented a great opportunity for journalists to debate the issue of authors rights in greater detail, and in particular to discuss the future implementation of the copyright Directive within French legislation. Discussions were also opened to film directors and photographs, who share the same concerns regarding authors’ rights developments in France.

The meeting ended with the unanimous adoption of a Declaration promoting intellectual property for employed authors on the work they produce, the maintenance of the double status of employee and author, the enforcement of the law, and opposition against any modification of the law which would challenge authors’ rights.

The next meeting on employees’ creation will take place this Autumn in the French Senate. In the meantime, French unions are asking the Direction du Dévelopement (DDM), (newly in charge of the project) to seriously take journalists’ authors’ rights into consideration.