FECOLPER and SNTP express concern over verbal confrontation between Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela

Representatives of the Colombian Federation of Journalists (FECOLPER) and the National Union of Workers of the Press (SNTP) of Venezuela,  during the Regional Human Rights Conference, organized by the International Federation of Journalists and the Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Journalists (FEPALC), in Lima, Perú, on November 30th and December 1st:


The failure in the mediation on humanitarian exchange of hostages at the hands of the guerilla has caused a strong polemic between presidents of both countries, threatening to affect fundamental aspects of the historic relationship between our nations;


This verbal confrontation has caused the messages broadcasted by media organisations to sustitute diplomatic channels, depositing an enormous responsibility in the hands of journalists and public and private communication espectrum, of Colombia and Venezuela;


It is the duty of media organizations and journalists to defend democracy and the improvement and strengthening of values such as comprehension, tolerance and integration between our countries;


Upon journalists and media organizations to work on a reasonable and impassionate coverage of information regarding this episode, with a strict compliance to professional ethics to guarantee professional work supporting the strengthening of peace, solidarity and fraternity among our nations;


From the Heads of State of Colombia and Venezuela a diligent behavior to overcome differences with democratic exercises of respect, dialogue and tolerance with the highest sense of responsibility owed to both countries.

Eduardo Márquez G.              

President - Colombian Federation of Journalists


Gregorio Salazar

General Secretary - National Union of Workers of the Press