'Empowering Freelance Rights in Europe' - Conference - Bratislava 23-24 September 2005

On 23-24 September, the European Federation of Journalists organised a meeting on freelances rights in Europe, in particular for a better integration of freelance rights in collective bargaining.

This meeting was supported by the European Commission and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. 

The Conclusions are here below. You may also consult the Programme of the Conference where you will also be able to download some the interventions. The List of Participants is also available.


Contact: Marc Gruber


The situation of freelance journalists in Europe is deteriorating

In Europe, and in particular in Central and Eastern Europe, there are signs that new models or industrial work relations turn the freelance contract even into the normal mode of contractual relation

More and more freelances today are "forcedlancers", who did neither choose their job situation voluntarily nor have any freedom in their relation to their employer. The increase of the latter group demands particular attention and action.

The EFJ therefore believes strongly that there is need to monitor the developments in these countries, as in the whole of Europe

The EFJ and its member organisations should therefore update and broaden the EFJ freelance study which dates back to 2003, including the gender perspective and the situation in Central and Eastern European countries

The EFJ member unions of Central and Eastern Europe are invited to contribute to the research process with detailed data and background information

The EFJ should lobby a European monitoring of the freelance journalist working conditions, this means to monitor them as a specific group in the European statistical research databases

The EFJ Freelance Expert Group should plan further steps in order to lobby a freelance directive on the European level

The EFJ Freelance Expert Group should focus on how to elaborate a freelance strategy on the national and European level

The EFJ Freelance Expert Group should offer model contracts in close cooperation with the national unions and with freelances.

The EFJ and the Freelance Expert Group welcomes the invitation from the Central and Eastern European unions to create a network of unions for freelance issues.

The EFJ and the Freelance Expert Group should integrate and support the activities of this network.