EFJ supports Greek Journalists’ in Fight for Decent Social Security

The International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) and its regional group, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today offered its support for Greek journalists in their fight against new government plans to dramatically weaken the Greek social security system.

“It appears that the government is playing roulette with the livelihoods of its citizens," said Aidan White, EFJ General Secretary. "Journalists-- like other workers-- are right to protest over the need to maintain a well functioning social security fund. The right for income security and financial autonomy for retirees is paramount in the social fabric of all workers.”

The Greek journalist unions said that strikes are planned for November 27 and December 12 to protest the government’s plans.

By using journalists social security funds' resources and reserves the government plans to weaken existing retirement terms and conditions. At the same time, the government is trying to raise the retirement age and other requirements and cut pension compensation.

The EFJ and IFJ supports the Greek unions’ demand for independent and autonomous social security institutions and back their struggle to end the government’s plans.

Messages of solidarity to the striking journalist and the unions can be sent to the following address: [email protected]

For more information go to: http://www.esiea.gr/gr/index.html

For more information contact the EFJ at +32 2 235 2200

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