Editorial - IFJ Voice - January 2023

As we entered 2023, journalists unions continued to face fierce challenges. Economic recession, rising inflation, the public's news fatigue, closing of media and wage delays are still hitting many of your organisations severely.


Looming concerns over the surge of violence against media professionals which threatens their safety, including online, the rise of killing and imprisonments of colleagues documented in our latest reports, the twitter farce and its implications on the way we seek and impart information, together with countries tightening their grip on social media, make our call for truth and democracy even more crucial.

While the latest Reuters Institute's report says the prevailing mood in the journalism industry for 2023 is one of uncertainty this year also reaffirms the importance of building a strong collective voice to ensure professional media workers continue to shape the industry in the public interest. It's our role and we remain ready to work with all our affiliates to stand up for journalists and journalism.

Happy new year everyone.

Anthony Bellanger

IFJ General Secretary

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