Correction-Killing in Santander de Quilichao, Colombia

The Center of Solidarity of the International Federation of Journalists (CESO-FIP) is issuing a correction to its alert of 8 December, which condemned the 3 December murder of Silvio Muñoz.

We wish to clarify that Muñoz was in fact murdered under unknown circumstances, but he was not working regularly as a journalist in recent years but rather just as a commentator during election campaign periods. Years ago, he directed the program Open Mic and at that time he received death threats that forced him to flee temporarily Santander de Quilichao, leaving behind journalism and his media carreer forever.

The alert's description Muñoz as a journalist was based on information provided by Muñoz's colleague and friend in a radio broacast on station 1.040 in the city of Popayán. In a subsequent conversation with Ceso-FIP, Muñoz's colleague denied those comments.

CESO-FIP regrets the error.

Eduardo Márquez G.


Center of Solidarity

International Federation of Journalists