Bomb Discovered under Senior Pakistan Journalist’s Vehicle

The IFJ joins its affiliate the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) in

expressing serious concern over the continuing targeting of journalists in the

country, after a bomb was discovered under the vehicle of senior TV anchor Hamid

Mir on November 26, 2012, in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad.

Mir is the host of the popular programme Capital Talk which airs on Geo TV. According

to reports verified by the PFUJ, a bomb was placed under his car but failed to

go off.


News reported that Hamid Mir had gone to a market in his car and, after

returning home, the driver spotted a suspicious bag lying under his car. The

bomb disposal squad was immediately called in to remove the bag, after which it

was revealed that the bag contained half a kilogram of explosive material.



explosives reportedly did not detonate due to faulty wiring.



a statement the PFUJ said, “such acts amount to efforts to silence those who

support freedom of expression”.

“There has been a surge in attacks on the media which is a deplorable trend. It

is the responsibility of the government to provide protection to journalists

who strive to provide facts devoid of bias and spin to the public”.



ranks as one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to be a

journalist. There have been five murders of media personnel in 2012 alone.

The IFJ joins the PFUJ in calling upon the Government of Pakistan to immediately

act to find those responsible for planning the attack.


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