Agenda for European Social Dialogue in the Audiovisual Sector (SDAV) in 2013

(22.11.2012) Social

partners of the European social dialogue in the audiovisual sector (SDAV) met

for their annual plenary meeting in Brussels on 22 November. The EFJ was

represented by four delegates and Marc Gruber , the EFJ co-director.



meeting welcomed the work of the "capacity building" project that came to an

end in five countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic)

with a final declaration adopted during a regional conference in Tallinn. The declaration states that, among other things, "social dialogue need to be inclusive and cover

all forms of employment" and "collective bargaining should cover all

workers, including the most vulnerable ones".


The plenary meeting also welcomed the

end of a major survey on national "skills councils" for the evaluation and

validation of professional skills in the sector. The final version of this

survey will be available soon.  


Equal opportunities are also at the heart

of the SDAV work with an upcoming project in 2013 for the production of a

comprehensive leaflet and the promotion of a "Framework of Actions on Gender

Equality" which was adopted previously by social partners.


The working

programme for 2013 has not been formally agreed yet.  Apart from the work on gender equality, the working programme will include the exchange of

information on health and safety, as well as  developing social dialogue for vulnerable workers.

Contact:Marc Gruber