Afghanistan: Media employers must act to save lives as Taliban advances

Media employers must take urgent action to support their journalists as the Taliban seize control of more areas of Afghanistan. The International Federation of Journalists has received a number of appeals for assistance to flee the country as freelance journalists report their lives being in increasing danger and employers failing to act.

People wave Taliban flags as they drive through the Pakistani border town of Chaman on July 14, 2021. Asghar ACHAKZAI / AFP

In a statement the IFJ said: “It is clear that the Taliban are increasingly threatening all those they consider to be against them – and that includes independent media and foreign and Afghan journalists.

Major international news organisations are being accused by Afghan journalists of ignoring their pleas for help.

It is entirely unacceptable that journalists who have worked, often at great personal risk, to cover the conflict in Afghanistan should be left to fend for themselves. Media employers have a duty of care, not just to their full-time staff but to those freelance journalists who are often at the forefront of covering such conflicts”.

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