Equal rights for journalists: learning the lessons of Europe’s journalists’ unions

The challenges facing journalists' unions across Europe are not always the same, but there are common threads: job losses and attempts to undermine established working conditions; changing employment practices that are making harder for journalists to organise, to speak with a collective voice and to stand up for their working rights. The European Federation of Journalists has a role to play in meeting these challenges, but that does not mean all the answers can be found in an office in Brussels.

This was the objective of a two-day conference in Thessaloniki in April 2012, with the support of the European Commission. Participants heard first-hand of examples of campaigns and actions undertaken by our colleagues across the continent. Now, with this publication, we are pulling together those case studies and the ideas discussed at the conference to bring them to a wider audience within the EFJ family. Our role is therefore to spread knowledge and understanding of how journalists' unions are standing up for their members' rights - and to learn from their experiences: what worked, what could have been better? Have a look at the report to know more.