Philippines: Magazine website targeted by digital attack

The Philippines Graphic website was hacked by unidentified parties on Saturday, April 18. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemn the digital attack and call on authorities to investigate the hacking.

The Philippines Graphic website. Credit: The Philippines Graphic

The website for the magazine, The Philippines Graphic postedon its Facebook page on April 18 that their website was hacked and directing readers to pornographic sites. The newsroom asked readers to refrain from using the website. The website was restored by April 20.

On the alert published by IFJ’s affiliate, the National Union of the Journalists of the Philippines on Saturday, April 18, Joel Pablo Salud, the editor in chief of The Philippines Graphic magazine, said they knew of the hack after a client alerted the advertising team. Salud condemned the perpetrators behind the hacking for disregarding free speech.

The hacking of the website occurred a day after Pasig City mayor, Vico Sotto said the Twitter account of their Public Information Office was hacked, in a similar incident involving pornographic material.

IFJ said: “Online attacks have increased in frequency as media has transferred to online platforms. The IFJ condemns the digital attack against the media outlet and urge authorities to immediately launch an investigation.”

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