Palestine: IFJ blames Hamas for journalist’s “outrageous” detention

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The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today joins its affiliate, the Palestinian Journalists´ Syndicate (PJS), in blaming Hamas for the detention of a journalist in Gaza. 

The PJS said PBC TV channel correspondent Fouad Jaradah’s detention for five days now without any explanation is an "outrageous"violation of the Palestinian law.

On 8 June, members of Hamas´ security forces stormed Jaradah’s house, his wife told the PJS. They asked him to take his computer and mobile with him and to follow them, promising to free him within an hour. Since then, he has been detained without justification or without knowing what he is accused of.

"The PJS strongly condemns the continuous detention of journalists by Hamas security forces without giving reasons, which is contrary to Palestinian law," said the union in a statement, adding that they were taking the case up with the Palestinian Authority for Citizens' Rights (PCHR) in order to secure his release.

The IFJ joined the PJS in urging the authorities to free Jaradah and respect press freedom in Gaza.

"We strongly stand by our Palestinian colleagues from the PJS and urge Hamas to immediately release Fouad Jaradah," said IFJ President, Philippe Leruth. "Hamas security forces must stop preying on Gaza journalists and systematically violating their fundamental rights."

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