Media must promote China’s Communist Party

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) raises serious questions about the latest ‘opinions’ from the Chinese authorities on the role of the media.On September 4, the State Administrative Press Publication Radio Film and Television of China, along with four other departments, issues an ‘opinion’ notice to all media outlets, demanding that they allocate resources and time to promote the Communist Party and China. In addition, the notice said that they to insist on upholding the values of socialism and allocate time during prime time to air programs on progressive reforms in China.According to Section 6 of the notice, the authorities have specified that all websites can only broadcast programmes and films which have already been granted a license from the State Press Publication Radio Film and Television of China.  The IFJ Asia Pacific Office said: “The latest notice from SAPPRFT, once again, raises serious questions about the role of the media in China and the increasing pressure the government and authorities are putting on the media. The media is not and should never act as a mouthpiece of the government, instead acting a watchdog of the government, as well as supporting freedom of expression and the press.”We remind all media workers and senior management that the role of the media is not to defend and advocate for the government or the Communist Party. Rather they should defend the rights of the people of China.

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