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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned.

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Read some of the news highlights from Friday, August 23rd to Friday, August 30rd 2019:

  1. Tanzanian lawyers urge speedy trial, medical help for prominent jailed journalist, Euronews
  2. International Federation of Journalism condemns journalists’ arrest in Zimbabwe, The Zimbabwe Mail
  3. Int'l Federation Of Journalists Condemns Attacks On Reporters During Hong Kong Protests, UrduPoint
  4. IFJ Urges Iran To Lift Jail, Lash Sentences For 3 Journalists, UrduPoint
  5. Kirill Vychinski : «Je vais certainement continuer mon métier de journaliste», RT France
  6. IFJ delegation highlights the plight of journalists to the Somali Head of State, Somali Affairs
  7. Photographers warned Ariana Grande Pride concert contract breaches 'press freedom', PressGazette
  8. J&K: Press Council chief didn’t consult colleagues before supporting media curbs in SC, say members, Scroll
  9. Celebrating Democracy and Peace in Timor-Leste, The Diplomat
  10. Canada’s East Timor advocacy 20 years ago paves the way for leadership today, The Conversation
  11. Barnie Choudhury: Press freedom comes with responsibility and striking a balance, Eastern Eye
  12. Attempts To Curtail Press Freedom And Human Rights: NC President Deuba, Nepal 24 Hours
  13. J&K crisis sparks squabbles between members of medical, legal, media professional bodies, Scroll
  14. Draconian, undemocratic and a human-rights violation: David Kaye, UN rights-expert, on Kashmir, Caravan Magazine
  16. PCI Justifies J&K Media Clampdown, Members Say Weren’t Consulted, The Quint
  17. Los periodistas españoles denuncian la "política de exterminio de periodistas en México" tras el último asesinato, Notimérica
  18. FAPE asume y respalda comunicado de FEPALC que exige acciones mundiales tras crimen de periodista en México, Crónica Viva
  19. FEPALC exige acciones mundiales tras el asesinato del periodista Nevith Condés Jaramillo en México, América Económica
  20. Desde España exigen respuestas por periodistas asesinados en México, Hidrocalido Digital
  21. México: FIP y FEPALC exigen frenar masacre de periodistas, Crónica Viva
  22. El Kremlin saluda la decisión de la Justicia ucraniana de poner en libertad a Vishinski, Sputnik News
  23. Oleg Sentsov, preso en Rusia, posible intercambio por detenido ruso en Ucrania, Periodistas en Español
  24. La Federación Europea de Periodistas aplaude la liberación del periodista Vishinski, El País
  25. Environnement : les journalistes congolais échangent sur le climat à Brazzaville, Adiac Congo
  26. Profession: correspondantes de guerre, Le Devoir

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