IFJ-ILO Webinar on reporting migration and forced labour

How to ethically report on migration and forced labour and avoid falling into stereotypes, shallowness and inaccuracies?

While the International Labour Organisations (ILO) estimates there are 169 million migrants work around the world, few enjoy many rights, including in their work places. Abusive working practices are rampant, the lack of information on existing legislation on migration is acute, and the inhuman attitude of some recruitment agencies forces migrant workers to face an often dire reality.  Many continue to face severe inequalities, particularly vulnerable groups. 

Telling those human stories connects journalists to their audience and can have a highly positive impact on their perception of migration. 

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Where: 14 September

When: 10-12 am CET

Working language: English

Draft agenda

Chair: Pamela Morinière, Head of Communications Department, IFJ


Ariadni Agasta, 1st Vice President, JUADN, Greece

Clara Van Panhuys, Technical officer, ILO

Jean-René Bilongo, FLAI, Italy 

Lam Le, journalist, winner of ILO 2020 prize on Reporting migration and forced labour

Tania Bozaninou, journalist Greece

Kevin Burden, media trainer

Q and A

This webinar is funded by the International Labour Organisation.


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