IFJ, EFJ and partners win Turkey’s Press Freedom Award

The International and European Federations of Journalists, (IFJ and EFJ) and 9 other partner organisations have been on awarded last Friday Turkey’s Press Freedom Award given by an independent jury under the auspice of the Turkish Association of Journalist (TGC). The prize wants to thank the international coalition for their involvement in emergency press freedom missions of 2015 in between the two elections in Turkey. Mr. Kadri Gürsel, journalist and IPI’s Turkish National Committee chairman, received the prestigious prize on behalf of the international coalition. The IFJ and the EFJ warmly thank the jury for this meaningful collective award and look forward to continue its work and development in Turkey with the help of its affiliates and journalistic community. After the Silver Rose Award for organising international solidarity, this is the second prize that highlights the EFJ’s work in Turkey. Read Kadri Gürsel’s full speech here.

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