IFJ Demands Respect for Iranian Media Following Latest Press Freedom Violations

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has reiterated its appeal for Iranian authorities to respect the rights and freedom of media workers following the latest media freedom violations in the country.


Mashaallah Shamsalwaezen, the vice president of IFJ’s affiliate the Association of Iranian Journalists (AoIJ), has endured a series of government attempts to undermine his rights in recent days, while many journalists remain in prison, including the female journalist, Rayhane Tabatabaei, who was jailed over one week ago because of her work and has been sentenced to six months in prison.


In the case of journalist and political analyst Shamsalwaezen, the AoIJ says he received a letter from Iranian authorities on Saturday summoning him to attend the country’s revolutionary court in Evin.


He was charged with carrying out propaganda against the Republic of Iran during two global media conferences he has spoken at outside the country. The AoIJ says that Shamsalwaezen was questioned for two hours and authorities asked him to post bail of 200 million Toman (about 70,000 euros). He was later released on bail.


This follows the note he received from authorities last week which forbid him from leaving the country. 


“We reiterate our call for Iranian authorities to respect the rights of journalists in Iran and we call on the Iranian government to release all journalists being held in the country. Rayhane Tabatabaei is among many journalists still being held in the country and we repeat call on the Iranian government to show its commitment to freedom of expression and release them all with immediate effect.


Boumelha continued: “We also demand that Iranian authorities bring an end to these ludicrous and unfounded attempts to undermine the reputation of our colleague Mashaallah Shamsalwaezen.


“He is a citizen of Iran and a respected journalist who must not be treated as a criminal when he is simply doing his job.”


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