IFJ Condemns Killing of Egyptian Journalist in Damanhur

The International Federation of Journalists has

condemned the killing on Monday night, 19 August, of Egyptian daily Al

Ahram''s bureau regional chief, Tamer Abdel Raouf, shot by soldiers

shortly after the beginning of the curfew at an army check point in Damanhur in

the Nile delta province of Buheira.

Another journalist, Hamed Al Barbari, a

reporter for the daily Al Gumhuria, who was travelling

with him in the car, was also shot in the hand and leg and has beeen hospitalised.

"It is shocking that trigger-happy security

forces shoot to kill without any attempt to establish the identity of the

journalists. This seems to be a case of shoot first and ask questions later

which is unacceptable," said IFJ President Jim Boumelha. "If journalists and media personnel, who are officially

exempt form curfew, are to be allowed to move freely and safely at night, the

security forces must establish clear rules to enforce the curfew."

According to the Egyptian Journalists'

Syndicate, the two journalists were travelling back home in Kafr Al Dawwar,

after an assignment at the Beheira governate and decided to take a turn as they

approached a military checkpoint. Soldiers fired at the car.

The International Federation of Journalists has

joined the Syndicate in urging Egyptian authorities to carry out an independent

investigation on what had happened.

"We have reiterated our advice to

journalists in Egypt to exercise extreme caution and our call for media

organisations to ensure the safety of their journalists during this extremely

dangerous period," said IFJ General Secretary Beth Costa.

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