IFJ Condemns Attack Against Israeli Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned an attack on two Israeli journalists by a group of Palestinian protestors, but has acknowledged the Palestinian journalist who stepped in to help them.

According to the National Federation of Israeli Journalists (NFIJ), Gal Berger, from IBA radio, and Elior Levy, from the Yedioth Ahronot newspaper, were harassed and threatened by a group of Palestinian protestors while reporting on clashes in the Shuafat Refugee Camp, near Jerusalem, on Wednesday morning, 2 July.

The NFIJ says the reporters were stripped and bullied by the protestors and were only saved when a Palestinian journalist intervened to end the attack.

“We condemn this attack against the Israeli journalists who were harassed and intimidated for doing their jobs,” said IFJ President. “This is a clear violation of the journalist’s human rights and freedom.

“We also commend the solidarity action of the Palestinian journalist who stepped in to help the Israeli journalists and rescued them from the protestors. Such support for fellow journalists is admirable and proves that hope and unity exists amongst media workers in the region.”

The incident was the second attack that occurred during the confrontation at the Shuafat camp last Wednesday. The IFJ issued a statement condemning an attack by Israeli forces on a Palestinian TV crew. Shuafat Refugee Camp is under Israeli control.

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