Greece: strike extended to save social security and welfare

Striking journalists in Greece have extended their industrial action as they step up their campaign to save social security and welfare protections for media workers.

The four IFJ Greek affiliates - JUADN, PFJU, ESIEMTH and ESPIT- began a three day strike on Thursday but have now extended the action across all media until Wednesday morning. The strike began in the face of a government plan to close down a fund which for over 50 years has provided social security and welfare payments for journalists and media workers in Greece.

The International Federation of Journalists, representing 600,000 journalists in the world, has backed its Greek affiliates and urged the government to protect the media fund.

“Our affiliates have been left with no choice but to act to protect this vital fund for journalists” said IFJ President, Jim Boumelha. “We urge the government to repeal the bill which threatens the future of many journalists who rely on the Fund in old age or those many who are unemployed .”

The draft law on social security reform presented by the Government to be introduced to Parliament would end the contribution of 20% of the proceeds from the advertising placed in print and broadcasting media to the fund.

IFJ affiliates in Greece warn that the closure of the fund would have a devastating consequences for journalists, including 18,500 workers and their families who will be left with no medical care, no doctor no medicine and no hospital care. The unemployed would lose their welfare assistance and medical care while pensioners would be deprived of hospital and medical care as well as supplementary pensions.

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