EFJ responds to the European commission (EC)'s consultation

The EFJ responded to the European commission (EC)'s consultation on copyright review which closed on 5th March.

The EC consultation aimed at gathering contributions from different stakeholders including consumers, authors, publishers, broadcasters or intermediaries on specific issues related to copyright including authors' rights exceptions or remuneration of authors.

Nearly 10000 responses were received.

In its response, the EFJ highlighted the need to strengthen journalists' authors' rights and denounced unfair contractual practices that deprive journalists from earning a decent living. The EFJ denounced specifically unfair contractual clauses such as buy out, rights' transfer for unknown uses, clauses allowing journalists to be paid in authors' rights and not salary, clauses that allow for moral rights transfer.

The EFJ hopes that this consultation will pave the way for further initiatives to strengthen authors' rights at EU level and improve authors' bargaining position.