EFJ Responds to European Commission's Consultation on Creative Content Online

"The EFJ welcomes the release of the Communication on Creative Content Online in the Single Market and the opportunity it is given to respond to the consultation.

Today, a lot of journalistic works including photographs, films and texts are available online. Some works have been created specifically for online use and some works are re-used online from an analogue primary source.

In its response to the 2006 Public Consultation on Content Online in the Single Market, the EFJ emphasised the need for journalists (including photographers) to be recognised as authors of the work they create, to control further use of their work and to receive equitable remuneration for all its uses.

On top of the need to be identified as author of their work, off-line or online, the biggest challenges for journalists and press photographers involve economic, licensing and legal models.

The EFJ believes that any move to “update/clarify possible legal provisions that unnecessary hinder online distribution of creative content” should keep in focus authors’ rights protection as the only system to protect journalists’ economic and moral rights and maintain integrity, authenticity and quality of journalistic works online" (...)

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