Commissioner Barnier asked to investigate unfair contracts

The EFJ asked the chief of the internal market and services

department, Commissioner Michel Barnier, to investigate the unfair contractual

practices in journalism and the creative sector in order to prevent further

economic loss. An EFJ delegation met with Mr. Barnier and raised the concern

over the increasing use of unfair contracts that deprive journalists and

creators of their right to claim fair payment for their work. Mr. Barnier told

the delegation that a study to assess whether authors and performers are paid

fairly for their work is underway. The study will look into the aspect of

unfair contractual practices and the economic loss of authors and performers.

The delegation has also raised concerns over the proposed new European law on

collecting societies and emphasised that journalists' unions should not be

considered or confused by the authority as collecting societies.

For more information, please contact Renate Schroeder or Pamela Moriniére.