FAJ Condemns Bomb Attack Killing Two Somali Journalists in Somalia

The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) has condemned today the bomb attacks on December 5th causing two journalists killed and three others wounded in the town of Baidoa, Somalia.


Ahmed Abdulkadir Mayow, a 27 years journalist, working for Star FM and the Somali television Channel and Mohamed Isaq Barre, a 25-year television cameraman working for Kalsan were killed; and the other injured victims were broadcast journalists Hassan Abdulkadir Jokar, of Kalsan TV, Mohamed Adan Socdaal, of Radio SomSat, and Abdulkadir Hassan Ibrahim.


“We strongly condemn this attack which targeted a restaurant where journalists and officials meet frequently” said Mohamed Garba president of the FAJ.

According to local sources in reports by the committee to protect journalists (CPJ), the Al-Shabaab militant group spokesman has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack.


The journalists, who all worked for private news outlets, were among the 15 people killed when the suicide bomber blew up before a car containing explosives was driven into the restaurant. "This is another excessive killing, and we add our voice to the calls from all sides of the world to urge Somali authorities to do everything possible to prevent these attacks in Somalia." said Mohamed Garba.

The FAJ condemns these barbaric acts and sympathizes with the pain and sorrows of the deceased’s families, wishes swift recovery to the wounded.

The FAJ calls on Somali journalists to get together to build their strong national union in order to fight impunity and defend press freedom.