World Journalists Mourn Loss of Daniel Pearl and Call for International Campaign Against Targeting of Media

The International Federation of Journalists, the global journalists' group, today expressed the sympathy and solidarity of journalists around the world with the family, friends and colleagues of Daniel Pearl following his brutal execution at the hands of terrorists in Pakistan.

"The horrifying and cruel killing of a colleague is a brutal reminder that journalists are increasingly targeted by the enemies of democracy and press freedom," said Christopher Warren, IFJ President. "These murderous gangs must be brought to justice."

"We are all terribly affected by Daniel's death," said Warren, "We send our condolences to his wife Marianne and to all of his colleagues at the Wall Street Journal."

"Daniel Pearl was not representing his government or any political movement. He was a hard-working reporter, pure and simple, who was engaged in normal professional duties," said Warren. "It is completely unacceptable that he should become the victim of a brutal political campaign. Journalism world-wide faces its gravest crisis when terrorists or political tyrants target reporters.

The IFJ says that more than 1,000 journalists and media staff have been killed over the past ten years, many of them targeted by political groups, criminals or armed forces.

"Each year dozens of journalists are killed, but this is a particularly horrifying and barbarous example of violence against news staff," said Warren. "There is an urgent need for an international campaign, involving the whole democratic community, to eliminate all forms of targeting of media and journalists. The killers of journalists must not be allowed to go unpunished."