The UK Government Considers Introducing Private Copy Exception Without Compensation

The UK government is launching a consultation to assess the possibility of introducing private copying into the legal system.

The consultation document, introduced by Lord Triesman, the Parliamentary Undersecretary for Intellectual Property, on 9 January proposes to allow consumers to make copies of CD they have already bought as is already the case in many continental European countries such as Germany or France.

However, the UK government rejects the introduction of a financial compensation (such as levies) to private copying.

The consultation also suggests to lessen copyright enforcement for research and education, as well as "caricature, parody or pastiche" purposes.

This move follows the 2006 Gowers Review on the UK’s Intellectual Property law which identified a number of areas where improvements could be made, including the fields of access to, and use of, copyright material for private individuals, students and libraries.

Interested parties are invited to respond to the consultation by 8th April 2008.

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