Pro-democracy Hong Kong media outlet sacks independent radio host

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is deeply concerned about a radio host whose contract was terminated because he promised to host of a rally against the Occupy Movement in Hong Kong on 17 August.

Eric Ng, the host of a D100 music programme, had his contract suddenly terminated by D100 after he insisted on becoming the host of a rally against the Occupy Movement. Morris Ho, one of the founding partners of D100, admitted that Ng was terminated because he defied management by insisting on being host of the anti-rally.

Ho said there was an ideological difference between Ng and D100, and Ng’s decision had upset some members of the audience. Another founding partner, Albert Cheng, admitted that he had warned Ng not to act as host of the rally some time earlier, but Ng had wanted to honour his promise.

The IFJ Asia Pacific Office said: “It is outrageous that a pro-democracy online media outlet could interfere with the personal life of an employee. The media outlet claims to be upholding democracy, and they cannot simply terminate someone whose views are in the minority.

“To be good managers of a media outlet, they should truly respect the rights of individuals, including their right to have their own ideology.”

The IFJ urges D100 to honour its promise to compensate Ng for terminating his employment prematurely and that oral agreement between Ng and D100 should remain.

“We urge all media employers and employees of Hong Kong media outlets to truly understand the meaning of democracy, which means the right to assembly and freedom of expression,” the IFJ said. 

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