Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate Says "No Ban on the Work of Media"

The IFJ today welcomed a statement from Palestinian journalists' leaders in overruling an attempted ban of some media coverage in the West Bank and Gaza issued by the syndicate's branch in Gaza yesterday.

In a letter to Aidan White, General Secretary of the IFJ, Naim Tobassi, Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate Chief in the West Bank said that the union was committed to opposition to all attempts to interfere with the work of journalists. "The union will do its best to facilitate the mission of foreign correspondents and Palestinian journalists at all times," said Mr. Tobassi. "It rejects all threats to journalists' work and will have nothing to do with declarations on restrictions of journalists and their work."

The IFJ says that this clarification should remove any doubt that Palestinian journalists are in any way seeking to interfere with reporting from the region.

"We are grateful for this reassurance," said Aidan White. "This incident is a case of professional enthusiasm going one step too far. The priority is to have international support for Palestinian journalists and to lift all threats to press freedom in the region.